About Us

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Dave, and I'm the man behind the wood teethers made famous by The Baby Niche run by my beautiful wife Nysha.


Wheatland Woodshop was born in a small single car garage on our acreage in Strathmore. Nysha had started up The Baby Niche and was wanting to branch into making her own custom baby teethers. I didn't complain at all when she told me it would involve upgrading my shop with new tools! For the first year of making teethers, I cut out and sanded each teether by hand. It was definitely a labor of love!

We did a lot of research into different woods that would work for baby teethers, and we selected Canadian hard white Maple. This has become our signature wood, and I love the variety of patterns you get with every plank. Since we started making our teethers, our techniques and designs have evolved, and the business has grown. My latest addition to my shop is a CNC router that I bought plans for and built myself. This machine is amazing, and it has opened up so many opportunities for our businesses.

I work as an Alberta Sheriff during the day, and I spend most of my evenings working in the shop. Between that and spending as much time as I can with our three kiddos, Nysha and I are, needless to say, quite busy! Being raised by parents who ran a custom woodshop, I've always enjoyed working with wood. It's been great to use those skills to build a business that helps provide for our family. Nysha and I are excited to see what the future holds for our businesses!